abbylady replied to your post: I’ve finished the latest round of revisions in my last book and have nothing to write about now.

NaNo. If nothing else, let it be an inspiration tool or a writing workshop of sorts for yourself :)

Ugh. I have such conflicted feelings on NaNoWriMo (beyond when I smugly sit there and think “I’ve written 60,000 words in three weeks, you plebeians”) (Incidentally I don’t recommend writing 60,000 words in three weeks because you get what is known as “ulnar nerve entrapment” if you’re lucky and carpal tunnel syndrome if you’re unlucky) mostly because I have a hard time going from zero to finished without thinking about it a whole damn lot.

I mean, I spent four years thinking of the ending I wrote back in May.

Which is probably why I could do the last 300 pages of the book in three weeks, because it had all been building up for a long while.

I don’t know! I have ideas. I do, and I’m staring at them trying to make them work, but most of them are bad ideas, like my erstwhile “wizards who live on the moon” book that went 10,000 words in before I realized wizards living on the moon is a stupid concept.